This will represent the skills, attitudes and characteristics that would be expected from your employees in order to fit in and contribute meaningfully to the business.

Having the identified right DNA for your business, will expressly help in choosing the right people to work with you and help your organisation compete successfully in today’s competitive environment.
Identifying the right DNA will also afford you the following benefits:

  • An ability to promote through the ranks, knowing that your people are
    suited for the type of culture you wish to create.
  • Clarification of the type of people you would need in your business.
  • Additional information for your career paths.

Most of the information needed for the DNA can be gotten from your organisation’s vision, mission and business strategy. Once we have identified the DNA we will assign weights to each attribute to reflect its importance to the particular job.

We estimate that this process will take between one to two (1-2) weeks.

The cost of developing a DNA is Fifty thousand naira (N250, 000.00) only.