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Performance Management Process

In order to make sure that your organizational goal is achieved, you need to create an environment that thrives on performance.

Putting in place a performance management process is necessary as it will reinforce the values of your organization and effectively manage your staff in order to achieve your organizational goals. A clear process to monitor, measure and reward performance will be put in place. This will also encourage high performers to strive even harder and expose the poor performers.

Having identified the various functions in their job descriptions we would develop performance expectations for your staff and then structure appraisal forms which identify the employee’s actual performance relative to those expectations. This will help you not only identify your superior staff but also help you place them on the right position in the pay ladder of the company. The performance management process will also help you identify areas of training for your staff and ways of improving them in those deficient areas.

This will take a total of four (4) weeks to conclude.

Cost for developing the performance management process is Two hundred and fifty thousand Naira (N250, 000.00) only